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Toni Marchetta Smith was born in Orange County into a family dedicated to and passionate about the business of custom furniture, cabinetry & design. After attending  California College of Interior Design, she spent over 25 years working with award-winning design firms, helping them grow into successful businesses. She has worked as a project manager all over the world, overseeing projects from San Francisco to Cairo and has mentored many young designers. With experience in both residential and commercial design, Toni values working closely with her clients to ensure that the design fits their unique budget and time constraints as well as their stylistic sensibilities. Her projects range from large-scale custom homes to small studio apartments. 


Throughout her career, Toni has pursued the bold and unique, drawing a great deal of influence from natural elements and travel. Her home on the California coast, as well as the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean, serve as significant inspirations for her work. As an environmentally conscious wife, mother, and active community member, Toni works to create a deliberate balance between clean modernity and a distinct feeling of home. She loves working with the unusual, mixing unexpected patterns, colors, and styles, never designing the same look twice. By providing the highest level of customer care and service, she ensures that each client receives the personal attention they deserve. With her hands-on, open-minded design approach, Toni wants to create the perfect space for you!

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